Little Birds to Big Beasts


Our youngest age groups at The Little Gym are developing so quickly. As teachers we notice these changes weekly; whether it’s as subtle as a 10 month old popping the bubbles or a confident 14 month old taking their first few steps, we love it! 

Each week for our Birds (10-18 months) and Beast/Super Beast (19-36 months) classes, you’re along for the ride. You get to see how a developing, active child approaches new challenges, activities, skills and social situations throughout the 45 minutes and over the term. More importantly, you get to see how these new opportunities shape and impact their little lives outside of The Little Gym. 

If you've yet to experience a class at The Little Gym we'd love to have you come along and try us out! 

If you're not sure about what on earth a 10 month old can do at a class, don't worry, we get that question a lot! We could write a book on all the wonderful benefits of a Birds, Beast and Super Beast class, instead we think you should pop along to one of our classes and experience it for yourself. 

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