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Book a space in our 2018/2019 Season!


Exciting news from The Little Gym Westfield!

The bookings for our brand new 2018/2019 Season have opened up and you can secure your space from today!

Call us on 02087350817 and we can secure your child's space

Download: Season 2018/2019 schedule


Winter Camps at The Little Gym Westfield! Start 17th December


Our 3 hour long Half Term Camps will take place from Monday 17th until the 21st December.

Every morning from 10am until 1pm and every afternoon from 2 until 5pm. 

Please give us a call on 02087350817 and we can secure your child's space.


Places fill up quickly so call us today and reserve a space! 

Tel. 02087350817


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You can now follow us on Instragram:

Call us on +44 20 8735 0817


Follow The Little Gym Westfield on Facebook!

You can now follow The Little Gym Westfield on Facebook! 

Just go to the following link, like our page and receive regular updates regarding our program, team and other exciting events!

NEW CLASS: Birds on Monday at 9.15am

Exiting news from The Little Gym Westfield! 

We've opened up a new class on Monday morning at 9.15am and it's a Birds class. 

This is class for children from 10 to 18 months and you attend this class with your little one. 

More information about the Birds class: 

By this age, most children are moving: walking or soon to be. Wether "vertical" or "horizontal", children now have the ability to explore their environment and, in the process, can learn to problem solve, take risks and establish a sense of independence. They are also beginning to speak, enjoy being around other children and can start following simple directions. Their increased dexterity, strength and more proportionate bodies allow them to learn and perform more advanced physical skills.

* Gymnastics equipment creates opportunities for exploration, problem solving and risk taking.

* More advanced, developmentally appropriate gymnastics skills and locomotor activities (running galloping, jumping) develop strength, body and spatial awareness and balance. 

*Group activities that incorporate simple sets of directions and introduce new manipulative equipment develop listening skills, group cooperation and dexterity. 

Send us an email or call us today on 02087350817

Bring a friend week at The Little Gym (*for members only)

The new The Little Gym school year is in full swing and we are very happy and pleased to have you and your child(ren) come to the classes every week. This way you show us your believe in The Little Gym programme and what we can achieve in your child’s overall development.

We want to reach out to other parents and children to let them also know about our programme and to let them experience the ‘Serious fun’ and benefits of taking classes at The Little Gym.

Next week from Monday, October 2nd until Sunday, October 8th your child can bring a friend in the same age to the gym and let him/her take part in the class. 

Sign up the friend by phone; 02087370817 or by email

Don't miss out on classes you've paid for!


Did you know...

If you know you're unable to attend your regular class for a week, whatever the reason, you're able to use that as a "make-up" class at a later point within the same term. 

As long as you've let us know before 9am on the day of the class, we're then able to cancel your class and save that for another time. 

It's ok if you attend two classes in a week, it's ok if you switch to another day. 

Please do give us a call, email or send us a Facebook message to check for space in the class you're planning on joining us for. 

Towards the end of term, classes are quite busy so book your make up classes in advance to avoid disappointment.

Call us on +44 20 8735 0817


We're hear to help you! 

Little Birds to Big Beasts


Our youngest age groups at The Little Gym are developing so quickly. As teachers we notice these changes weekly; whether it’s as subtle as a 10 month old popping the bubbles or a confident 14 month old taking their first few steps, we love it! 

Each week for our Birds (10-18 months) and Beast/Super Beast (19-36 months) classes, you’re along for the ride. You get to see how a developing, active child approaches new challenges, activities, skills and social situations throughout the 45 minutes and over the term. More importantly, you get to see how these new opportunities shape and impact their little lives outside of The Little Gym. 

If you've yet to experience a class at The Little Gym we'd love to have you come along and try us out! 

If you're not sure about what on earth a 10 month old can do at a class, don't worry, we get that question a lot! We could write a book on all the wonderful benefits of a Birds, Beast and Super Beast class, instead we think you should pop along to one of our classes and experience it for yourself. 

Call us on +44 20 8735 0817


We'd love to hear from you!

Exciting news - our new term has started!


Exciting news from The Little Gym Westfield! Summer is over and that means that our new term has kicked off. It has started on the 4th September and will run all the way up to the 11th February. 
We will make sure that, when the weather turning grey very soon, we keep the children active and fit in our beautifully purpose build The Little Gym! Interested in our classes? Call us today on 02087350817 or send an email to We look forward to welcoming you and your child very soon at The Little Gym Westfield!